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Imperial Rescript, August 14, 1945JapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanAug 14 1945
Instrument of SurrenderJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanSep 2 1945
Treaty of Peace with JapanJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanSep 8 1951
Treaty of Peace between Japan and the Republic of ChinaJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanApr 28 1952
Joint Communique of the Government of Japan and the Government of the People's Republic of ChinaJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanSep 29 1972
Toast of Emperor HirohitoJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanOct 2 1975
Statement by Chief Cabinet Secretary Kiichi Miyazawa on History TextbooksJapaneseEnglishChineseKorean Aug 26 1982
Statement by Chief Cabinet Secretary Masaharu Gotoda on Official Visits to Yasukuni Shrine by the Prime Minister and Other State Ministers on August 15 of this yearJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanAug 14 1986
Statement by the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono on the result of the study on the issue of "comfort women"JapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanAug 4 1993
Resolution to Renew the Determination for Peace on the Basis of Lessons Learned From HistoryJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanJun 9 1995
Statement by the Chief Cabinet SecretaryJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanJun 14 1995
Statement by Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama on the occasion of the establishment of the "Asian Women's Fund"JapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanJun 18 1995
The Statement of Prime Minister Murayama on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the End of World War IIJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanAug 15 1998
Japan-Republic of Korea Joint Declaration A New Japan-Republic of Korea Partnership towards the Twenty-first CenturyJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanOct 8 1998
Statement of Prime Minister Junichiro KoizumiJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanAug 13 2001
Observation by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on the Visit to Yasukuni ShrineJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanApr 21 2002
Japan-DPRK Pyongyang DeclarationJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanSep 17 2002
Speech by H.E. Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of JapanJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanApr 22 2005
Statement by Prime Minister Junichiro KoizumiJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanAug 15 2005
Statement by Prime Minister Naoto KanJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanAug 10 2010
Measures Taken by the Government of Japan on the Issue known as "Comfort Women"JapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanOct 14 2014
Statement by Prime Minister Shinzo AbeJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanAug 14 2015
Announcement by Foreign Ministers of Japan and the Republic of Korea at the Joint Press OccasionJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanDec 28 2015
Remarks by President Obama at Hiroshima Peace MemorialJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanMay 27 2016
Remarks by Prime Minister Abe of Japan at Hiroshima Peace MemorialJapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanMay 27 2016

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