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[Title] Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua to Premier Wen Jiabao to attend the fourth summit meeting in Japan and South Korea published an article

[Place] Tokyo, Japan
[Date] May 20, 2011
[Source] Source Juice
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May 20, 2011, Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua to Premier Wen Jiabao at the Fourth Summit in Japan and South Korea, "Japanese Economic News" published an article entitled "pull together for a better future," the article. Reads as follows:

Japan and South Korea the fourth summit meeting this month about 21 to 22 in Tokyo. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, South Korea President Lee Myung-bak and Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan will attend the meeting, Japan and Korea to strengthen cooperation and common interest in regional and international issues.

The meeting was just experienced in Japan, "3.11" earthquake has been held in the particular context. Japanese people in the "3.11" earthquake, tsunami, suffered huge losses, the Chinese people share their feelings. During the meeting, Premier Wen Jiabao will visit the affected areas, visit the affected people. Premier Wen will pass the Japanese people's friendly feelings the Chinese people to express their sincere support of the Japanese post-disaster reconstruction. I believe that Japan be able to overcome temporary difficulties and achieve a new revitalization.

The earthquake caused enormous damage to Japan, but also to China and South Korea greater impact. This reminds us that major natural disasters, is much more than a national disaster. In this case, as the neighboring countries, to strengthen disaster prevention and disaster mitigation in Japan and South Korea, post-disaster reconstruction and cooperation in nuclear safety, coincidentally a tripartite consensus, has become an important issue the leaders meeting. Constituents to strengthen the exchange of experience and information sharing, establish and improve cooperation mechanisms to ensure that disaster and the difficulties in front of three to support one another and respond. We are not sure what will happen in future disasters, but it is certain that the face of disaster, and more side support, a little more confidence, a little more hope.

Japan and South Korea to cooperate in itself, can be said that history is at an important node. In recent years, the tripartite cooperation has made satisfactory progress. Last year, trade between the three countries, personnel exchanges have exceeded the level before the financial crisis. "Japan and South Korea co-Outlook 2020," made more than 40 cooperation projects is progressing steadily. Construction of the mechanism of trilateral cooperation has been strengthened, and cooperation the Secretariat will soon start. Fruitful tripartite cooperation, and maintained a sound momentum of comprehensive development.

We look forward to meeting the leaders of the positive results, promote the three countries in the economic, energy, cultural exchanges, cooperation in various fields, to further enhance the level of partnership between the three countries, in order to maintain regional stability, play an important role in building a harmonious Asia.

I think the next stage focuses on Japan and South Korea can cooperate in three areas:

First, deepen economic cooperation. Japan and South Korea FTA, which will greatly enhance the economic development of the three endogenous dynamics and sustainability, will also promote regional economic integration. We should speed up the three-way free trade area the progress of joint research, as early as possible to create favorable conditions for the actual start of negotiations.

The second is to launch a new energy cooperation. Japan and South Korea have a high degree of dependence on foreign energy, are concerned about their energy security. New energy economy is the new "blood." Development of new energy, not only help us to maintain energy security, but also help us to improve the competitiveness of the new economy. Three co-equality and mutual benefit should be conducted to make Northeast Asia the world's new energy development and use of town.

Third, to jointly promote regional cooperation. Japan and South Korea are closely related to regional and world economy, an important part of the trilateral cooperation is an important part of East Asia cooperation. We adhere to the "open regionalism", and always maintain an open and transparent cooperation. Japan and South Korea to ASEAN, APEC and other partners under the framework work together to promote the positive momentum of regional cooperation and jointly cope with global risks and challenges to create a trilateral cooperation deepening area a better future.