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[Title] Joint Statement on Education Cooperation

[Date] November 1, 2015
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

We reaffirmed our commitment to strengthening trilateral cooperation in the field of education, while sharing the view on the need to nurture our future generations as leaders who fully appreciate cultural diversity with the spirit of tolerance, and to ensure that they contribute to the peace and development not just of the three countries, but also of the region and the world, we agreed to boost our efforts to cooperate and exchange further in the field of education.

Under the spirit of respect for peaceful co-existence, we agreed to convene the Trilateral Education Ministers' Meeting at the earliest convenient time for the three countries. During the Trilateral Education Ministers' Meeting, we decided to cooperate in the following areas of common interest:

1. The Trilateral Education Minister's Meeting will be established on a regular basis.

2. The youth and student exchanges among the three countries will be promoted to nurture the spirit of shared prosperity, which encompasses the concepts of global citizenship and sustainable development.

3. The expansion of CAMPUS Asia program will ultimately contribute to the establishment of Asian Higher Education Community.

Recognizing the importance of nurturing the youth of the three countries as creative talent while promoting community spirit, we will strive to achieve sustainable development and shared prosperity through more active trilateral cooperation.