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[Title] Declaration of the State Sovereignty of the RSFSR, Adopted by the First Congress of the RSFSR People's Deputies (Declaration of the State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic)

[Date] June 12, 1990
[Source] Modern International Relations: Basic Documents, Volume 1, Kajima Institute of International Peace, pp.797-799.
[Full text]

The First RSFSR Congress of People's Deputies,

- conscious of its historic responsibilities for the fate of Russia,

- attesting to its respect for the sovereign rights of all peoples that make up the USSR,

- and expressing the will of the peoples of the RSFSR,

- solemnly proclaims the state sovereignty of the RSFSR throughout its territory and states its determination to create a democratic rule-of-law state within a renewed USSR.

1. The RSFSR is a sovereign state created by the peoples historically united within it.

2. The sovereignty of the RSFSR constitutes the natural and necessary condition for the existence of the statehood of Russia with its centuries-old history, culture, and traditions.

3. The RSFSR's multi-ethnic people are the repository of sovereignty and are the source of state power in the RSFSR. The people exercise state power directly and by means of representative organs on the basis of the RSFSR Constitution.

4. The state sovereignty of the RSFSR is proclaimed for the most lofty purposes---of guaranteeing the inalienable right of every person to a worthy life, free development, and use of his native language and of every people to self-determination in their chosen national-state and national-cultural forms.

5. In order to safeguard the political, economic, and legal guarantees of RSFSR sovereignty the following are established :

- complete authority for the RSFSR in resolving all questions relating to state and public life with the exception of those which it voluntarily hands over to USSR jurisdiction ;

- the primacy of the RSFSR Constitution and RSFSR laws throughout the territory of the RSFSR; on its territory the republic suspends the operation of USSR acts that contravene RSFSR sovereign rights. Differences between the republic and the Union are resolved according to the procedure established by the Union treaty ;

- the people's sole right to own, use, and dispose of Russia's national wealth;

- RSFSR plenipotentiary representation in other Union republics and foreign countries;

- the republic's right to participate in exercising the powers which it hands over to the USSR.

6. The RSFSR unites with other republics within the Union on the basis of the treaty. The RSFSR recognizes and respects the sovereign rights of the Union republics and the USSR.

7. The RSFSR reserves the right to leave the USSR freely, according to the procedure established by and legislation based on the Union treaty.